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How do I clear my cache?

If you experience problems on our website we will often suggest that you clear your cache. This will reset the website and hopefully fix any errors that you may be experiencing. To clear your cache, please complete the following steps dependent on your browser.


1. Click on the Chrome menu (that looks like three lines) on the browser toolbar.

2. Select 'Tools'

3. Select 'Clear browsing data'

4. Tick the check box next to 'Empty the cache'

5. Use the menu at the top to select the amount of data that you want to delete. Select 'beginning of time' to delete everything.

6. Click 'clear browsing data'

Internet Explorer

1. Click on the tools icon (that looks like a wheel/cog) in the top right-hand corner.

2. Click 'Safety'

3. Click 'Delete browsing history'

4. Tick the checkbox next to 'Temporary Internet files'

5. Click 'Delete'


1. Click the Firefox button in the top left-hand corner

2. Click 'Options'

3. Select the 'Advanced' panel

4. Click on the 'Network' tab

5. In the 'Cached Web Content' section, click 'Clear Now'


1. Click on the Opera icon in the top left-hand.

2. Click 'Settings', then 'Preferences'

3. Click the 'Advanced' tab, the 'History'

4. Within the Disk Cache section, click 'Empty now'


1. Click the Action icon (that looks like a wheel/cog)

2. Click on 'Reset Safari...'

3. Tick the check box next to 'Clear history'

4. Click 'reset'


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