Which stores can I place or collect an order in?

For the most accurate information regarding your chosen store, please see our store finder. To find out if your store offers the order and collect service, or any other services that may be available, follow the below guide.

1. Search for your store using the postcode, town or store name and click 'search'. 


2. You will be presented with the below screen where you can view the store address, get directions to the store or see the opening times. For services available, click 'store details'.


3. When the specific store page is presented, scroll down to find the services availabe and the departments within the store. If the store offers order and collect services, it will be written as shown. 


Food Ordering and Collection

Follow the above steps, and look for 'food ordering' under the services list. If a store offers the food ordering service, you will also be able to collect food in that store. 

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