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How do I select an international address? How do I make it my default?

You can select an international address during the checkout, or in your account settings.

In the checkout:

1. At the delivery page ensure the 'Collect in Store' option is not selected and that a delivery option is selected.

2. click on the link to 'Change Delivery Address'.

3. Click on 'Add a new address'  

4. You can now enter a new international address.




In the account settings:

1. Sign in to your account, and select 'Address book' from the 'My account' link at the top of the page.

2. Here you can add, edit or remove any of the delivery addresses linked to your account. Click 'Add new address' to add an international address.

3. Complete the form with your international address and click 'add'.

4. You can also set your default address on this page. Underneath your new address, click the 'Make my default address' option.

5. You default address will now have swapped.


International address tips:
Make sure you include the correct postcode or zip code. Deliveries may be delayed, or rejected if the postcode or zip code is missing, or entered incorrectly.
Use the full street address, we can't deliver to PO boxes.
Don't use any 'special' characters in your address e. g. ã, ç, õ.
If your address is not being accepted, please make sure you've entered every field - even if it's not marked as mandatory.

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