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How can I write a product review?

If you have owned or used one of the products we currently sell online, you can write a review to help other customers make an informed buying decision. We value our customers’ views as they help us to improve our products. For full details please refer to our Terms & Conditions. We may update the Terms and Conditions from time to time, so please read them before posting.


write a review 

How to write a review if not invited via email

  • On the product page, scroll to the review section and click the 'write a review' tab.
  • You need to have an account in order to write a review, so please log in or sign up.
  • Complete the ratings section and write your review in the 'tell us more' box.
  • Create a pen name - this will be stored against your account and used whenever you write a review.
  • Submit

Please note that we reserve the right to restrict content that may be unacceptable.

Top tips for writing a review

  • Remember this is a public forum, so we recommend that you give your reviews a Pen Name. You can change it at any time, and all your previous reviews will show the new Pen Name. You can delete your reviews at any time.
  • Reviews are limited to 1,000 characters and must be a minimum of 25 words in length
  • Your review must be based on your experience of the product, explaining what you liked or disliked about it and why. Only review products you have owned, used or tried on.
  • Your review should be about the product: its features, characteristics and  performance, not about any experience of purchasing or delivery
  • Do not use CAPITAL LETTERS apart from in normal punctuation.
  • Do focus on information you think would help others decide whether to buy the product
  • Please ensure you comply completely with the terms and conditions. M&S will not edit words or phrases – any review containing the smallest amount of unacceptable content will be rejected and not appear on the site
  • Please consider how your comments could be received by others and please keep within the boundaries of the relevant topic.

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