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Why won’t my promotion code work?


 If you are seeing either of the error messages below, then it looks as if there is a problem with the promotion code you are using. 

We're sorry you're having problems with one of our promotion codes. Please check the following:

The code: some codes contain a mixture of numbers and letters that can look quite similar. If you've been emailed a code, it might be worth trying to copy and paste it rather than re-typing. Please also note that any hyphens included in your promotion code, (eg. XXXX-XXXX), must also be entered when adding the code.

Expiry date: the code you are trying to use might have expired. Please check the date. 

Eligible items: you may be trying to order items that are not included in the specific offer or you might not be able to use it in conjunction with other offers. Please check the terms and conditions of the offer. 

Unique codes: some offers, such as ‘10% off’ and bonus loyalty points, can only be used once. It may be that this promotion code has already been used.

International customers: For codes exclusively for our international customers, you must enter your promotion code after entering your international shipping address. Once you have added your products to your bag, you must progress through the checkout and enter your shipping address before attempting to enter your code. Only after this will the code be applied. If you have an international billing address but are shipping to the UK, the offers are usually rendered invalid.
For customers in the following countries there are dedicated websites which the promotion codes can be applied on: USA, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Germany, France, Holland, Austria, Spain, Belgium, Luxembourg, Jersey, Denmark, China, Ireland, Sweden & Switzerland. If you have received an email with a promotion code relating to one of these sites, this code will not be applicable on the UK site.

Are you using a Reward Voucher? : Reward Vouchers are different from promotion codes so are entered elsewhere. Please click here to find out how to redeem a Reward Voucher.

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