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The M&S iPhone App - FAQs

Read on for all the information you need about the M&S App for iPhones.

How much does it cost?
Nothing! The app is free.

Will it work in the iPad and iPod Touch?
Yes, it can be downloaded onto both.

Where can I download the app from?
It's available in the Apple App Store.

Will I have to submit personal data when accessing the app?
No personal data is transmitted when you access the app. It's secure for placing orders and making payments. To place an order you will need an account with marksandspencer.com. You can use your M&S.com account to sign in and access your personal details through Your account once you've signed in.

Will M&S use my personal data?
Read our privacy policy.

How do I place an order on my mobile?
Select the item you want then add it to your basket. The M&S app uses your existing M&S account details, so once you're ready, just head to the checkout.

What is M&S Live?
M&S Live is a new feature of the M&S iPhone app which allows you to augment what you see in the real world with exclusive video content, such as new ranges or behind the scenes footage from the latest M&S TV ad.

What do I need to do?
You need to download the latest version of the M&S iPhone app to access M&S Live.

You can check whether there is a new version of the app by visiting the App Store and visiting the ‘Updates’ tab on the bottom right of the toolbar. You’ll see it here if there’s a newer version.

Does M&S Live require a 3G connection or can I use WiFi?
You can use either a WiFi or a 3G signal to access the video content.

It’s not working - what do I need to do?
Check that you have a connection. Depending on your connection this could take a few seconds, so be patient and the content will appear.

Every time I move the camera away the video stops, why?
While the video is loading, your phone’s camera needs to be pointed at the content. Once the video comes alive you can double tap the screen so that the video fills the whole screen, once this happens you can move your phone away and view the content.

I have an Android phone, does that mean I can’t see M&S Live?
Android users can download Aurasma Light from ‘Market Place’, the Google App store.

How will I know when to use M&S Live?
Look out for the M&S Live Logo.

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