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What technologies do you use in your clothing and what are the benefits e.g. Moisture Wicking?

Below is a list of all of the technologies used in our products (except food) and the benefits. 

2" Longer Our 2in Longer range features shirts and jumpers that have 2in longer sleeve and body length than standard shirt sizes.
Active Performance Active Performance clothes are made with a breathable stretch fabric, making movement easier for your intense workouts.  
Active Waistband Our active waistbands guarantee a greater freedom of movement and better fit.
Add 2 Cups Discreet padding gives the appearance of 2 cups sizes bigger.
Adjustable Hem Our Adjustable Hem technology ensures their trousers last longer- and you don't even need a needle and thread, just  a pair of scissors and an iron.
Adjustable Waist An adjustable waist promises extra comfort. 
Airflex™ Our unique Airflex™ sole system gives unbeatable comfort. This innovative technology gives your feet enhanced support and flexibility. 
Anti Cellulite Vitamin E to protect against ageing, Aloe Vera to smooth & Caffeine to increase circulation & tone 
Bare Cooling To ensure you feel fresh all day, these tights have a revolutionary cooling finish which is effective for 3-4 washes
Body Mapped Ventilation  Specially made to provide air circulation where you need it most. 
Body Sensor™ Our Body Sensor™ technology is designed to keep you warm when it’s cool, and cool when it’s warm
Body Shape Denim Body Shape Denim for M&S Woman focuses on shape rather than size to achieve jeans with the perfect and most flattering fit. 
Body Solutions Body Solutions offers shapewear solutions for all your outerwear needs, from backless, multiway straps or pencil skirt slips. 
Breathable Our Breathable fabric features an open structure that allows air to move freely which keeps you feeling fresh. 
Bum-Lift Bum-Lift technologies lift and sculpt your bottom. 
Buttonsafe™ Our Buttonsafe™ technology uses special heat fused buttons that won't fall off. 
Cashmilon™ Cashmilon™ is a super soft yarn made from acrylic. It is  developed to wash and wear well, while feeling incredibly comfortable.
Concealed Waist Ties  Concealed waist ties provide the secret solution for a snug fit. 
Cool & Fresh™ Cool & Fresh™ draws moisture away from the skin, keeping you cool, dry and fresh all day.
Cool & Fresh™ Cool & Fresh™ keeps you cool and fresh all day long.
Cool Comfort Featuring Cool Comfort technology that draws moisture away from the body, keeping you cool.
Coolmax All Season  Coolmax All Season fabric contains dual-action fibres which move moisture away from the body when you get hot,  whilst providing insulation for added comfort on colder days. 
Crease Resistant Our crease resistant technology stops clothes from creasing during wear, and ensures creases fall out more easily. 
Datasheild  The Datashield technology features a clever foil lining that helps protect your data on cards and passports.
Drop A Dress Size With the help of Secret Support™ technology, advanced lining corsetry works like magic to shape your figure and offer a smoother silhouette, making you look slimmer instantly. 
Dual FX Jean Our Dual FX technology allows denim to keep its shape hour after hour. This means no more bagging or sagging - just a perfect fit, all day long.
Easy Care Easy Care products promise to make life easier for you.
Fashion Targets We are proud to donate 30% of the sale proceeds of this product to Fashion Targets Breast Cancer, supporting Breakthrough Breast Cancer.
Flat Seams  We use chafe-resistant seams for improved comfort. 
Flatter-MeTM Designed to smooth and prevent lumps and bumps, our Flatter-Me™ range involves innovative slimming technology- we won't tell if you don't!
Footglove™ Our Footglove™ shoes are made with exceedingly soft bodies, underfoot padding and durable soles to give all day comfort. 
Freshfeet™ Our Freshfeet™ technology keep feet fresh by combating the bacteria that cause odours. 
Gusset Seams We've specially built in fabric between the legs for more freedom of movement. 
Gym Slim Gym Slim knickers are a light control range with a bonded tummy flattening pane and anti-ride up hems  designed to wear at the gym with matching sports bras. Breathable mesh to keep you cool and dry. 
Heatgen Our clever Heatgen material creates a light layer to keep you warm and comfortable. 
Heatgen™ - Clothes Made from a special fibre, this extremely soft, lightweight piece is designed to keep you warmer when the weather gets chilly .
Heatgen™ - Tights These tights are made from a special fibre designed to keep you warmer when the weather gets chilly. 
Insolia Flex® Endorsed by the UK College of Podiatrists, Insolia Flex® makes walking in flats more comfortable by insuring your foot is correctly placed within your shoes, and improving the natural rotational movement of the ball of the foot. 
Insolia® Insolia® redistributes your weight away from the balls of your feet, reducing pressure and increasing ankle stability, allowing you to wear your heels comfortably all day long. Insolia® is endorsed by the UK College of Podiatrists.
Ladder Resist These tights are made using a unique fabric that prevents ladders turning into holes 
Linen Miracle™ Linen Miracle™ is an innovative fabric that looks and feels exactly like linen but is easy to iron and creases much less.
Magicwear™ Our MagicwearTM tights are designed to make you look slimmer in seconds. Specially built in panels are shaped to flatten the tummy, tone the thighs and smooth the hips, all the while lifting your bottom. These tights promise a smooth line under clothing and reduce chafing, whilst a non-bulge waistband bans the dreaded muffin-top. without pinching or digging. 
Media Loop Features a media loop for a no-fuss way to secure your headphones. 
Media Pockets Features a handy zip pocket to keep your MP3 safe.
Moisture Wicking With added technology that draws moisture away from the body to keep you cool.
Nature-Step Technology™ Nature-Step Technology™ increases muscle activity of key leg muscles while you walk.
No Peep™ No Peep™ designs have a hidden placket and concealed extra buttons to prevent gaping at the front, maintaining your modesty.
Non-Iron - Men's Shirts This innovative shirt has a special fabric and a clever construction meaning there is no need to iron it. 
Odegon™ Our anti-odour technology absorbs any odour molecules.
Perfect Poise - Body Our Perfect Poise range is designed to increase awareness of your posture. Our body gently supports your shoulders, bust and back with a supportive back panel.
Perfect Poise - Bra Our Perfect Poise range is designed to increase awareness of your posture. Our bra's have a supportive back panel- check out  the range of knickers and bodies.
Perfect Poise - Knickers Our Perfect Poise range is designed to increase awareness of your posture. Our no VPL knickers are designed with tummy control and gentle support of your lower back.
Perky Profile™ Perky Profile™ is developed with graduated padding at the bust point. Designed to push-out, rather than push-up, this new bra creates a modern 'sweater girl' silhouette, providing you with a perky uplift.
Post Surgery Specifically designed for post-surgery, feel confident and comfortable with 2 secure prosthesis pockets providing a truly natural shape.  
Quick Dry Our Quick Dry fabric features an open structure that helps you to stay dry and comfortable.
Reflective Made with reflective technologies that mean you can been seen in the dark.
Reflective Features Our reflective fabric helps you stay visible in the dark.
Sculpt & Lift - Jeans These Sculpt & Lift jeans have super-stretch and shape retention fabric which flatter and enhance your natural shape. 
Sculpt & Lift - Skirt This Sculpt & Lift skirt has super-stretch and shape retention fabric which flatter and enhance your natural shape. 
Seam-free Specially made to create a smooth and streamlined look, our Seam-free garments give you the ultimate freedom of movement and comfort.
Secret Slimming With Secret Slimming technology that sculpts and shapes without being restrictive. 
Secret Slimming™ This innovative ultra-light microfiber fabric promises to offer as much control as the traditionally heavy shapewear fabrics, making Secret Slimming™ products as supportive but much comfier. 
Secret Slimming™ This innovative ultra-light microfiber fabric promises to offer as much control as the traditionally heavy shapewear fabrics, making Secret Slimming™ products as supportive but much comfier. 
Secret Support™ - Clothes Secret Support™  technology discretely lifts and enhances your figure.
Secret Support™ - Slippers A hidden arch moulds into the contours of your feet, making these slippers extra supportive and comfy.
Secret Support™ - Swimwear Secret Support™  technology discretely lifts and enhances your bust.
Shelf Support (It is a Non Padded hidden section built in to the vest to give support to the bust) Shelf support has a non-padded hidden section built in to the vest to give support to the bust. It is ideal for wearing to bed to give extra support or in the summer so you don’t have lots of bra straps showing.
Shock absorbing padding Shock absorbent padding that lasts the lifetime of the shoe. 
Showerproof The Showerproof fabric means you can look good whatever the weather. 
Skin Kind™ Our Skin Kind™ range has been specially developed to soothe sensitive skin conditions. The unique fabric reduces the effects of bacteria that can cause skin irritations.
Stain Resistance Our Stain Resistance technology acts as a barrier to stop stains from forming and also helps to remove stains during laundering. The finish protects against both oil and water based stains, preventing these stains from sinking into the fabric.
StayNew The StayNew fabric means your clothes look as good as new, wear after wear. 
StayNEW™ StayNEW™ technology reduces bobbling and colour loss, keeping your clothes looking newer and brighter for longer. 
STORMWEAR+™ Our clever water and stain repellent technology will keep you drier and cleaner for longer. 
Stormwear™ Keep dry with our clever water repellent technology.
Stretch Fit Calf measurements and shapes can vary greatly. With a zip built into the zip tape, our Stretch Zip technology promises an easier fit if needed over wider calves. This ensures these boots are comfortable to wear all day long while the appearance of the boot isn’t affected. 
Stretch Zip  Exclusive to M&S our clever new zips stretch to fit a range of calf shapes and sizes. 
Supercrease™ Supercrease™ offers a unique, permanent crease for your clothes, withstanding washing, dry cleaning and normal wear and tear.
Supima® Made from extra luxurious Supima® cotton
Thermal Our thermal ranges have been developed to help beat the cold when the weather turns chilly. 
Thermal Fabric Made with Thermal fabric that cleverly keeps heat in.
Thermal Fleece Made with light Thermal fleece that keeps in the heat and keeps out the chill. 
Thinsulate Our Thinsulate technology keeps in the warmth whilst remaining breathable, for a cool way to stay warm.
Thinsulate Slippers The Thinsulate™ technology traps heat so that your feet stay warm.
Thinsulate™ Our Thinsulate™ technology is a lightweight insulation layer that is moisture resistant. 
Thumbholes  The handy thumbholes mean you can secure your sleeves and keep your hands warm. 
Ultimate Non-Iron - School Shirts Our Ultimate non-iron shirts are the best on the High Street.  They have special taped seams and superior fabrics which allows you to tumble dry then hang up with no need to iron!
Waist Sculpt™ Achieve that coveted hourglass shape with Waist Sculpt. Bonded panels are designed to flatten the tummy and shape the waist firmly yet comfortably, leaving  you with a smooth, sleek silhouette. 
Water resistant suede All our suede is water resistant to keep your feet dryer for longer. 
Wind Resistant Keep out the chill with this Wind Resistant layer. 
X Fit Jegging Our new X Fit jeggings are made from a clever 4 way stretch fabric that is extra comfortable and helps create a flattering silhouette.
Zipper Garage  The zip features a no-scratch guard to help prevent irritations. 

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