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Tell me about M&S fresh salmon and smoked salmon

Where does Marks & Spencer Smoked Salmon come from?

Scotland and Ireland (farmed) and Alaska (wild).  All Marks & Spencer Smoked Salmon is clearly labelled with the country of origin for farmed fish and the ocean of catch for our wild fish. Our strict traceability means we can trace each pack back to where it was caught or farmed.

Are the salmon used in Marks & Spencer Salmon products farmed or wild caught?

Marks & Spencer sells both wild and farmed Salmon. Local Scottish Wild Salmon is now very scarce and has been placed on our banned list until restocking programs we are supporting lead to a recovery of these stocks. In the meantime, for customers preferring wild Salmon, we are sourcing wild fish from Marine Stewardship Council certified stocks off the coast of Alaska for smoking in Scotland.

Our exclusively farmed Lochmuir™ Salmon is specially grown for M&S using a unique feed and award winning farms. The farms are all audited to Marks & Spencer specifications enabling us to give our customers assurances on animal welfare, food safety, and quality. The husbandry of fish is also approved by RSPCA Freedom Food, representing the best possible standards of care.

Together with our suppliers we have developed detailed Codes of Practice, which insist on the highest standards of animal welfare, food safety and quality throughout the animal’s life.

What are the salmon fed?

Marks & Spencer has developed its own specification for the feeding of salmon which ensures the fish are fed a wholesome diet to maintain optimum health and welfare.

Marks & Spencer prohibits the addition of any ingredients from land animals in any of its feed, or genetically modified ingredients.

Are the salmon given antibiotics?

Due to our high standards of animal husbandry, it is now very unusual to have to give salmon antibiotics, some of our farms have been antibiotic free for over 5 years. However, if fish become ill it is permitted to treat them with appropriate veterinary supervision. Any antibiotics must be licenced and prescribed under veterinary control and the fish cannot be harvested before all traces have faded. As an added precaution, if fish have required treatment, a sample is taken to ensure no medicine remains in the fish at the time of harvest. It is not permitted to use antibiotics for growth promotion.

Are the salmon given hormones?

No. It is illegal to administer any growth promoting hormones to any animal used for food production in the UK and throughout the EU.

How does Marks & Spencer Organic Salmon differ from the rest of its salmon?

The principal difference is that Marks & Spencer smoked salmon is produced on organic farms where feed given is made from organic ingredients.  Marks & Spencer Organic Smoked Salmon meets the organic farming standards of the Soil Association and other EU organic accreditation bodies.

How is Marks & Spencer Smoked Salmon smoked?

·         M&S Scottish Lochmuir™ / M&S Irish Smoked Salmon

Fresh Salmon is cured and smoked using Oak chips from a sustainable source. A pellicle or ‘skin’ is formed in the process which is removed before slicing to give a lighter smoke and lower saltiness.

·         M&S Kiln Smoked Orkney Salmon

Fresh Salmon is cured with salt and Demerara sugar, hung vertically and smoked in a traditional kiln.  A pellicle or ‘skin’ is formed during this process and the pellicle is retained on this product when sliced to give a stronger smoke and promote the sweetness from the Demerara sugar and salt cure.

Can I freeze Marks & Spencer Salmon?

All Marks & Spencer food products that are suitable for home freezing are clearly labelled.  The salmon may have been previously frozen under carefully controlled conditions however further freezing will not affect the quality or safety of the product.

Is Marks & Spencer Salmon a healthy food?

Our Lochmuir™ Salmon is given a very high quality feed, resulting in outstanding levels of beneficial, long chain Omega 3 fatty acids. Eating just one portion of Lochmuir Salmon fillet can provide all the recommended Omega 3 for the week. Government recommends we should eat at least two portions of fish a week, one of which should be oily (like salmon).

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