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I have exceeded the 35 day limit for a full refund - what can I do?

Bought In Store

If you miss this date, your receipt will no longer be valid and we'll give you a credit receipt for the item's last known selling price unless it's faulty.

If your item has gone into the sale since you bought it and don't have a valid receipt, you'll be given a credit receipt for the sale price. This does not affect your legal rights.

Bought Online

The parcel summary document that came with your order is your proof of purchase and will show a dispatch date - the last return date is 35 days from this date (we appreciate that online orders may arrive a few days after the dispatch date, so we do allow a few extra days for returns for online orders).

If you miss this date then items can only be exchanged in a clothing and home store. If you return an item with an expired parcel summary document via post, it will be returned to the sender.


Please note that the “goodwill” refund policy by which you have 35 days to return an item for exchange or a full refund, excluding sale items, is subject to exclusions. Please click here for further details.

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