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Why is my refund different to the amount or way I paid?

If your refund is different to the price you paid, this could be because of promotional offers used at the time of purchase. Please contact us, so we can check the situation for you.

If you have been refunded by cheque instead of cash or back onto your card, it means you have paid for your order through the till in one of our stores. Our tills do not store your details, so cheque is the only method by which we can refund you. Your cheque will be sent by post for the amount paid.

Please note, despite issuing cheques when refunding customers we no longer accept cheque as a method of payment.

There may be other circumstances where you do not recognise the account or card number that your refund has been processed to and this may be a result of the original payment being made through a contactless device such as a phone, or when using a methods such as ApplePay – this can result in a card number on your receipt differing from your actual card number.

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